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Pregnancy support belt is one of the best aid to ease the discomfort of pregnancy and these are one of the best investments that you can make for your pregnancy wardrobe.

The Belly Wrap by Belly Belt plays a very crucial role and provides support to a expecting mother during pregnancy the multi-functional benefits of belly wrap can be exploited from during the late second trimester and early third trimester of pregnancy, The Belly wrap by Belly belt helps in uplifting and supporting your growing belly helping in over all circulation and minimizing effects of constantly stretching muscles and skin. By wearing Belly Wrap during pregnancy you give yourself a head start on early recovery.

The Belly wrap by Belly belt not only provides great aid to your back but also addresses some of the following pregnancy issues.

  • Back Pain and pinched nerves.
  • Circulation.
  • Reducing Muscle damage.
  • Support to stretched skin.
  • External cues for good posture.
  • Helps in relieving lower back pain and joint pain during pregnancy.
  • Provides relieve for Sacroiliac joint pain.
  • Provides relief for symptoms of symphysis pubis Dysfunction or pelvic gridle pain.
  • Helps in reducing Round ligament pain.
  • A great aid for Hip and pelvic pain caused by the release of Harmone relaxin.
  • Relief for sciatica – a common nerve pain which can spread the back or leg.
  • Helps your muscles strengthen.

Is it dangerous to wear a Belly Wrap?

“No” A pregnancy support belt or Belly Wrap by Belly Belt can provide immediate and wonderful relief while in use for expecting mothers who are experiencing ongoing pregnancy issues that can’t easily be fixed with other medical aids. However for the health issue such as pelvic griddle pain or another pregnancy related conditions, you should make sure that you work on using other methods in addition to the pregnancy support belt to fix the underlying problem. The belts should not be worn for more than a few hours per day while at relax position as this will make your muscles dependent on the extra support and will not help in fixing issues that are already present.

It is also important to note that wearing Belly wrap will not hurt your baby.

Things to do.

A Belly wrap is a great aid in providing back and belly suport along with a relief in pain, but you should always work on some of the following things which can help in addressing the issues that occur during pregnancy.

  1. Maintain a good posture.
  2. Regular exercise – as per doctor / physiotherapist’s advice.
  3. Practicing both kegel exercises and squats to strengthen your pelvic floor (seek your doctors advice if you are ongoing with PGP or SPD).
  4. See a physiotherapist.
  5. Attend a pregnancy yoga class.
  6. Increase your magnesium intake on doctors advice which helps in relieving.
  7. muscle pain and has the added benefit of helping in over reducing morning.
  8. sickness.

Important Things to Know about using a Belly wrap

Belly wrap to be worn for not more than two to three hours at a time to prevent over dependency.

Exercises to strengthen the transverse abdominis (TA) should be done in combination with the use of a Belly Wrap to strengthen the core muscles both during and after pregnancy.

Always consult your doctor before using any compression garments. Women with compromised circulation or abnormal blood pressure may be advised against the use of a Belly wrap.

Belly wrap is for temporary use and is not a permanent fix. It is important to address the underlying dysfunction. A physiotherapy consultation is recommended to address ongoing pain both during and after pregnancy.

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