The postpartum recovery technique of binding their abdomen have been used by women from many cultures and countries world wide, this technique have been handed down from mother to mother and is believed to play an essential role in ensuring the physical and mental health of mothers after the birth of their babies.

Today the Modern women are discovering the many reasons to continue with this ancient practice of abdominal wrapping which is a key secret towards restoring the self confidence and stomach to pre-pregnancy shape and size.

It is believed that the constant increased pressure against the abdominal area not only reduces the size of the swollen uterus, flattens the belly and redefines the waistline but also helps you to get back into shape quickly and naturally, it has also shown to give additional support to the legs and back while providing much needed support for your belly post delivery.

Belly Tone

Postpartum support belt “Belly Tone” by Belly belt is a great option for any woman who has undergone natural birth or a C- section or for the one who is looking for an extra support after child birth, especially if you are looking out for compression that will work not only on the bloating skin caused by water retention after pregnancy but act as a back support as well. It provides great support and enhances your tone.

A postpartum support belt may also help your uterus return to its normal position and for those who are embarrassed of their post-baby weight and flab, A postpartum support belt “Belly Tone” by Belly Belt is a great way to make you look fit and in-shape and can even help reduce further weight gain by compressing fatty cells.

Postpartum support belt “Belly Tone” by belly belt is a luxurious postpartum support belt designed to support your body after the delivery and shrinks with you as you lose the belly fat. It assists you in the recovery of your body after pregnancy.

Belly Tone is designed to over come the excess of pregnancy weight after the child birth and helps in obesity which is being commonly faced by the new mom’s. Belly Tone is more than a postpartum support belt, it is a method of recovery and ongoing maintenance for a healthy figure. Using it along with proper health habits maximizes its long term effects.

Looking after yourself post delivery is an important part of the pregnancy and birth process that is all too commonly overlooked in society. Mothers, who neglect proper care after childbirth, commonly suffer body and back ache, low body image, low self confidence and often depression.

Most midwifes and obstetricians agree that wrapping the belly post delivery assists in fast postpartum recovery

Here are few of the reasons on why you should have a Belly Belt’s postpartum support belt in your pregnancy wardrobe. 

  • Boosts your self esteem.
  • Reduces discomfort.
  • Recovers Muscles and keeps your midsection in place.
  • Accelerates healing process.
  • Aids in reducing bloating of skin caused by water retention.
  • Repositions the Uterus.
  • May help in minimizing stretch marks.
  • Provides Abdominal support & comfort after caesarean.
  • Assists in healing of Diastasis Recti.
  • Minimizes swelling.

Things to know

When should you Start using Belly Tone..?

It is always advised to have your doctor’s approval before using a postpartum support belt. You can wear it right after the delivery or from the next day. It all depends on what your doctor suggests based on the postpartum examination. If she notices any obstacles in wearing the girdle, she may advice you to start using postpartum support belt at later period or to differ wearing it.

How Long should You Wear the Belly Tone After Pregnancy..?

Use of Postpartum support belt depends on your body specifics. You can wear it for an average duration of four to six weeks. It is hard to predict when the uterus can get back to its normal size and also the skin elasticity differs from woman to woman. Some regain their pre-pregnancy shape fast, while some may take more time.

You can wear it every day, awake or asleep. Using it continuously for the first week helps you achieve most of the benefits. After the initial week, you can take it off at nights. You can continue wearing it for the next 90 to 120 days or until you become comfortable without it.

If you have had a C-section, you may stop wearing it once the stitches heal. It usually takes about four weeks for the stitches to heal, but it can even take longer if the blood circulation is disturbed. In that case, you may have to use the postpartum support belt longer.

Important Things to know about Belly Tone

Things To Remember While using Belly Tone a Postpartum support belt by Belly Belt

Pregnancy support belt “Belly Tone” by Belly belt will help your body, especially your abdominal region, and waist to return to a pre-pregnancy shape. Before you choose one for yourself and wear it, remember:

  1.  Postpartum support belt “Belly Tone” by Belly Belt May significantly help new moms in restoring their shape.
  2. Once you have your baby, your body will take at least a few months to return to a non-pregnant shape. It took nine months for your body to nurture your newborn, so give it at least that much time to heal and recover.
  3. In your drive to get back in shape, do not wear the Belly Tone a postpartum support belt by Belly Belt before you get a confirmation from your doctor.
  4. Make sure you wear the “Belly Tone” only after you have thoroughly cleaned yourself. Keep the area dry to prevent infection or irritation. Discontinue using it in case you feel any discomfort.

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