Pregnancy To-do List

The joy of being a mother is boundless for every women and it multiplies after the baby is born.

An expecting mother undergoes various physical and emotional changes in these 9 months, which is pretty much like a roller coaster ride. Enjoy this special phase of life by planning your everyday activities some of which includes your doctor appointments, healthy diet, plan your work schedule and lifestyle.

Following are some of the ‘to-do list’ that will help you to prepare yourself for the upcoming phase of motherhood.

  • Talk to your gynaecologist to know more about appointments to be scheduled, diet, exercise and some of the important prenatal test.
  • Start a healthy diet, have fruits, vegetables and grains, which are rich in vitamins and minerals with the help of your doctor to over come the deficit during the time of pregnancy.
  • Stay active by signing up for antenatal care classes, yoga or walk regularly.
    Prepare a calendar for your important screening tests and scan’s.
  • If you are working, let your employer know about it.
  • Start buying things required to take care of your self during pregnancy and for the baby like pregnancy support belt, pregnancy pillow, post partum support belt, baby clothes, cribs etc.
  • Give a healthy life to your little one. Talk to your doctor on preserving your baby’s precious stem cells – The first step of yours towards your baby taken even before they are born.
  • Learn the signs of labour from your gynaecologist.
  • Prepare a hospital bag that contains all the necessary things that are required for you and your baby.

You can plan and customize your to-do List based on your requirements.